Fundamentals Course in Analytical Psychology

A 12 session course that runs over six weeks (i.e. two evenings per week), from 7pm-9pm, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from Tuesday 4th October to Thursday 10th November. The purpose of this course is to introduce Analytical or Jungian psychology to interested people. By the end of our time together you will have a good working knowledge of the core concepts of Analytical psychology, be able to address specific questions theoretically (and clinically), and, experience your dreams and the symbols of life in a deeper, richer and more meaningful way. This course will address the needs of the beginner and the professional individual in terms of their existing knowledge.

The 12 lectures cover the following material:

Lecture 1 :             Introduction to course; About Jungian Analysis

Lecture 2 :             Biography & Model of the Psyche

Lecture 3 :             Collective Unconscious & Archetypes

Lecture 4 :             Ego, Shadow, Persona

Lecture 5 :             Complexes

Lecture 6 :             Typology I – Types

Lecture 7 :             Typology II – Inferior Function

Lecture 8 :             Anima

Lecture 9 :             Animus

Lecture 10 :             Interpretation of Dreams

Lecture 11 :             Interpretation of Fairy Tales

Lecture 12 :             Individuation process and Jungian Analysis

Presented by John Betts & Catherine Ellis

Dates : Tuesdays/Thursdays 4/10/2005-10/11/2005