Jungian Fairy Tale Enactment Workshop


Small groups of four people choose a Grimm’s fairy tale, then enact it in a closed setting before two or three other small groups involved in the same workshop. Three to four enactments are made, in the course of the workshop, one by each group. Each group usually dresses up as characters in the tale, often with costumes, wigs and other props. The actors then enact the individual roles in the fairy tale, becoming the characters. After de-roling, each actor then speaks within the closed group about what it felt like to be in that role and how they experienced the other characters. After this, the tale is interpreted in the larger group, using a Jungian Psychology approach.  This is a profound way to grasp the power of the fairy tale and one which leaves us with a deeper appreciation of just how the psyche undergoes the individuation process. The power of this workshop is in the experience of the archetypal characters of the fairy tale – for a short time you ARE the witch, or the evil king.

A core issue in the workshop is that of complete confidentiality. Nothing from the experience of the group may be discussed outside of the group. This workshop is not about acting ability, but about the ability to experience your own and other’s psyches. Most of us acted out stories and tales as children – this is similar to that with two major differences – we fully become the archetypal character with intention, and we fully debrief the experience.

Next enactment workshop will be held on Saturday 26th November. There is a planning meeting that is held before this enactment, that of deciding on groups and tales. This meeting will be held on Friday 30th September.


DATES : group meeting Friday 30th September (7-9pm) ; Enactment Saturday 26th November. (9-12 am, 1-4pm)