Stress and Hypertension

In this lecture I cover the links between stress and hypertension. The literature demonstrates that acute stress is not a primary aetiological factor in the development of hypertension, however, chronic stress is a more likely factor. After a short section on the sympathetic nervous system and catecholamines, I explain Cannon’s Fight or Flight approach to stress. I examine the non-pharmaceutical approaches to stress management and review the research on the link between relaxation, autogenic training, meditiation, yoga breathing and hypertension. A review of the research regarding the impacts of stressful events and environmental stress to hypertension is also made. The lecture concludes with three basic stress reducing exercises participants can use on a daily basis. A link is also made between the Jungian motion of complexes and individual’s experience of ‘stress.’

HealthPoint Clinic

Vancouver Island Health Authority


23rd June, 2010