Jungian Dream Interpretation Group

The aim of this 7 session course is for a small group (max. 6) to learn how to interpret their dreams using Jung’s Analytical Psychology. We will start with a clear overview of approaches to a Jungian dream interpretation, and then work with our dreams in the group. The personal material presented is treated with respect and care, and participants can offer valuable insights into our dreams in this atmosphere. No previous experience is required.

Jung viewed the dream as offering a valid perspective on the psychic situation as it is now. The manner in which we interpret our dreams, and integrate them into our daily lives can provide us with powerful impetus for change. Working with dreams enables us to embrace the symbolic life and, hopefully, gain a deeper sense of meaning.


Dates : Wednesday evenings,  from 21st April to 2nd June, 2004

Wednesday evenings,  from 25th August to 29th September, 2004

Times : 18:00 – 21:00