Jungian Dream Interpretation Part 2

What do animals mean in my dreams?
What are my dreams telling me?
Why do I get chased in dreams?
What does it mean to dream of a place we grew up in?
Why are dreams of animals seen as a comment on instincts?
What are the parts of the psyche that are represented by people?
What do we mean by dream- ego, shadow, anima, and animus?
What are the symbols of the Self in dreams?

In this lecture, part 2, of the dream series, we delve deeper into the mystery of dreams.  The aim of the lecture is to continue to learn how to interpret dreams using Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology.  We’ll start with a review of the previous lecture on dreams (the dream represents the state of the psyche as it is now; compensation; teleology; the structure of dreams; why it is important to interpret dreams;  basic dream interpretation approach; objective and subjective interpretive approaches) then continue to work through a Jungian approach to dream interpretation.

C.G. Jung viewed the dream as offering a snapshot of our mental condition as it is now. This means that the dream tells us vital information regarding how we live our life, and alerts us to areas that we are neglecting or misunderstanding.

Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010

This lecture is presented on behalf of the Comox Valley Jung Society.