Jungian Dream Interpretation

“So difficult is it to understand a dream that for a long time I have made it a rule, when someone tells me a dream and asks for my opinion, to say first of all to myself : ‘I have no idea what the dream means.’ After that I can begin to examine the dream”

C. G. Jung, CW8, ¶. 533

Jung viewed the dream as offering a valid perspective on the psychic situation as it is now. The manner in which we interpret our dreams, and integrate them into our daily lives can provide us with powerful impetus for change. Working with dreams enables us to embrace the symbolic life and, hopefully, gain a deeper sense of meaning.

The Lecture introduces basic ideas. The aim of the one-day workshop is to learn how to interpret dreams using Jung’s Analytical Psychology. We will start with a clear overview of Jung’s Analytical Psychology, then work through a Jungian approach to dream interpretation. Finally we can then work with our dreams in the group. No previous experience is required.


Date: Sept.9, 2005

Presented to the C.G. Jung Society Victoria