jungian analysis

The Shaman : Archetype, Persona or Gift

“From a psychological perspective, shamans can be described as community-sanctioned spiritual practitioners who claim to deliberately modify their attention in an attempt to access information not ordinarily available to members of their social group” (Krippner 2005, p. 204).

This lectures examines the archetype of the shaman. In order to make sense of the vast material associated with this construct, we need to discuss how shamans become shamans; how does an altered state of consciousness feature in the shaman; what are the theories of shamanism, ranging from psychosis to soul flight? What role does the neo-shamanistic movement of the 20th century play in our lives? How is the archetype related to the training and interactional dynamics of an analyst? The link with the Wounded-Healer archetype will be reviewed.


Date: Friday, 3rd May, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

Venue: Victoria Jung Society, Hickman Building Rm 110

Date: Friday, 13th September, 2013

Venue: Calgary Jung Society